Two Day Stash- Little Lovey Fluff BUNDLE

Two Day Stash- Little Lovey Fluff BUNDLE

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This is for the family that wants to do laundry every other day, are building a cloth diapering stash, or simply wants to add some Little Lovey Fluff to their established cloth diaper stash. 

The Two Day Stash Includes:
-10 Little Lovey Fluff Diaper shells
-20 Little Lovey Fluff diaper inserts
-Small travel wet bag

**Additional 10% off any additional wet bag purchases, please message for code**

Little Lovey Fluff "Your Way" Diapers are the 3-in-1 solution to your cloth diapering routine. They allow you to cloth the way you want and the shell can double as a swim diaper. They are a true one size with double cross over snaps, and a 4 snap rise adjust so they will fit 8lbs-40lbs. You will only need one set of shells for all of your diapering days.

The shell is an outer layer of waterproof PUL, and an inner lining of Athletic Wicking Jersey knit. 

Little Lovey Fluff inserts are made of 100% cotton Absorb which is manufactured in Canada.
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