About Little Lovey




  Hello! I am Allyson and I am the owner/creator/maker behind Little Lovey Handmade and Little Lovey Fluff. I am a Mama of two amazing kids and wife of a wonderful man. The inspiration behind my products comes from my life as a mom and wanting to create products that are going to streamline the process for other families out there. My ideas stem from wanting one product that solves 5 problems rather than 5 separate products. 

All Little Lovey Handmade and Little Lovey Fluff products are handmade by me in my home sewing studio in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. Your items are made with a tonne of love and attention to detail as I take great pride in my work. My love for babywearing and cloth diapering steers my product lines and I hope that you will love my products as much as I do! 

Looking forward to creating for you,

Allyson xo




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